Apple iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi - Versions, Colors, Prices and Shopping

When stepping back and observing the evolution of technology, it can seem pretty amazing - as is true with one of the most promising top selling products for 2011 - the Apple iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi.  There are some things that may be helpful to know in terms of the 64GB iPad 2 - the different versions available, the colors (and their availability), prices and for those of you who are shopping for it, a bit of helpful stuff there too.

Here are the different versions and colors of the iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi:

For ATT:
For Verizon:
For "Non 3G" versions:
  • Apple iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi Black
  • Apple iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi White
(Perhaps more colors will be available in the future!)


For both the ATT and Verizion versions, the pricing is $829.00 retail price.  For the "Non 3G," the retail cost is $699.00.  Depending on which way you want to go on your shopping efforts, you could actually end up paying much more than these prices online - and depending on when you want to buy it.  Online merchants stick to the retail price, while other resources hike the price up based on demand (but then again, the availability in this case tends to be higher).


Some of what you need to be aware of is mentioned above, but generally we recommend going through The Shopping Guide to find the one you really want - they give some very helpful tips on the best places to purchase each version of the Apple iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi - no matter which color you might be searching for.

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