Apple iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi - Versions, Colors and Online Pricing

The new Apple iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi is most definitely is already "peeking up" as one of the top best selling products for 2011.  There are a number of different versions including 3G and "non 3G" versions - different colors, and of course different prices, depending on which model is chosen.

Here is a bit of information on which 32GB iPad 2's are available, coming into the release stage in March of 2011:

3G ATT and its Colors - Pricing (retail online) - $729.00
3G Verizon and its Colors - Pricing (retail online) - $729.00
"Non 3G" Version and its Colors - Pricing (retail) - $599.00
  • Apple iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi Black
  •  Apple iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi White

At the beginning of the release stage, a number of online stores carry these models, but mostly available in the color black.


With the "3G" (third generation) comes more options for communications, internet and video.  This model has this technology, as well as a 9.7" screen, technology for Wi-Fi, it supports iBook technology as well.  Top this off with how thin it is (a whopping .34 inches) and you have one of the sleekest machines around - that you can use for just about anything technology affords today!

Other features of interest:

Double cameras (one on the back, one on the front with video capability), it also has a dual A5 processor and a battery that holds up for 10 hours.  (Pretty impressive!)

Amazing stuff - technology truly has taken a big leap forward with the Apple iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi!

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