Top Best Selling Nerf Guns 2010

In 2010, the top best selling Nerf guns are both enjoyable and imaginative - with numerous attributes that are more leading-edge than one may think. Since the time of their first release, these types of toys and games have come really a considerable ways in the toy industry and have become some of the very most widely used toys for the kids - at all.

From the listing of the Top Ten Nerf Guns 2010, listed here are the three top selling Nerf Guns for the kids for this year:

The Nerf N Strike Maverick Gun (for kids 6 years old and up) – This is a fun “Maverick” pistol looking toy with a rotating barrel that holds six Nerf darts. It is a good choice for a bit of rapid-fire action with distance and accuracy. The barrel opens easily and quickly for easy re-loading – this Nerf gun comes in both a yellow and clear version (the clear having a bit of a higher cost).

Nerf ‘N Strike Raider Rapid Fire (for kids 6-12 years of age) – Here is a version of the Nerf gun that allows for a rather large amount of “ammunition” to be fired (up to 35 darts) without reloading. It has the general appearance of a rifle and has two different modes that allow the shooter to either shoot single shots or repeated firing action.

The Nerf N Strike Longstrike Blaster Gun (for kids age 6 and older) – This Nerf gun is an air-powered rifle that will shoot up to 35 feet. It also has an eyepiece that flips up for better aim and operates with a clip system, a single clip holding six darts. It also can hold two reload clips for easy and fast loading of the darts.

There exists plenty more variety in addition to the best Nerf guns 2010 listed above – a couple of which are ideal for dual competitions while others include advanced features – and yet others function in different ways to play in the dark. There are also additional Nerf guns that are more appropriate for kids in an older age range, but the majority of them are recommended for kids six years old and up.

Buying the perfect Nerf gun is much more simply achieved by online shopping. The costs tend to be a little lower, and one will find additional selection in the process.

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Top Best Selling RC Cars for Kids 2010

Strangely enough, the top best selling RC cars 2010 include cars derived from one of individual business - Kid Galaxy. Some people may consider that the listing of these RC cars might be biased because of particular taste however the truth is this checklist has been in fact investigated regarding overall customer recognition from product sales alone.

Based on shopper interest from the Top 10 RC Cars in 2010, here are the top 3 best RC cars for this year:

Kid Galaxy Morphibians RC Cars -for kids from 5 to 9 years of age: Here is one of the more unique lines of RC cars I have seen and definitely worthy of being among the best RC cars this year – they are able to function on land as well as in the water. Among this collection there are some sort of “standard” types of RC cars including a “land and water” vehicle, but there are some other water animal types as well such as a stingray, whale, shark and an alligator. Very cute toys and quite a bit of fun for kids – especially for outdoor play.

Demolition Derby RC Cars from Kid Galaxy -for kids 5 years old and up:  The Demolition Derby RC vehicles come complete with two cars, two remote controllers and some other small pieces to create a “demotion” setting. When the cars smash into each other (or other objects such as walls, etc.) they have some pretty funny ways of falling apart. Kids who have a bit more of a sense of adventure would probably love these.

Kid Galaxy My 1st RC Cars - for kids ages 2-4:  Here are the first RC vehicles on the list specifically for toddlers. The “My First RC” line of cars from Kid Galaxy is especially good for little ones who love to play with construction toys – but there are some other types of vehicles as well such as a school bus, monster truck and some fun “My First…” animals as well – all of them remote control based.

As I said earlier, the best RC cars 2010 listed above are but a beginning. There are several more types of Radio controlled cars and trucks out there in 2010 – more of them are available for kids of each and every age group from "tot" all the way to cars which are popular with the teen group of kids.

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Top Best Selling Transformers Toys 2010

For Transformers fans out there, the toy versions of the personalities are really something to observe – the top best selling Transformers Toys 2010 are even more incredible with regards to features, in addition to some fun features that accompany them.

If you are in perusing or purchasing mode, picked from the Top Ten Transformers Toys 2010, here are the Top 5 picks:

Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class Optimus Prime (for kids age 5 and older) – This is a toy that I can personally say is one of the best of the bunch, and has been quite popular now for some months. It has eyes that light up, a realistic voice and some of the finest details in terms of character realism that I have seen.

Revenge of the Fallen Human Alliance Bumblebee (for kids age 5 and older) – This toy is one of the more unique in that it comes with a “Sam” character that can either ride in Bumblebee as a Camaro, or when in robot mode, Sam can be carried by the Autobot to keep him safe. Again this toy has been popular for quite number of months and has received some excellent reviews - definitely a good choice as one of the best Transformers toys this year.

Transformers 2 Leader Class Jetfire (for kids about 5 to 12 years old) – For anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing this character in the Revenge of the Fallen Transformers movie, they know that this is one of the more appealing characters around. He is a Decepticon who switched sides a long time ago, and is a fearless and tough fighter. But – this one is also quite old, and more than a little bit grumpy. A funny character, and this toy is an excellent depiction of him with the “true to movie” voice and many excellent features.

Transformers 2 Bumblebee Voice Changer Helmet (for kids about 5 to 11 years old) – Here is an excellent toy – and again I know this first-hand. The wearer can set the helmet to play Bumblebee’s “radio stations” or (as the name implies) use the helmet to change their own voice which can be more than a little amusing and quite a lot of fun.

Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Ironhide (for kids age 5 and older) – This toy is an excellent Transformer in itself and is based on the (very) tough Ironhide Autobot Transformer. Ironhide is a hunter of Decepticons (among other things) and has all of the features needed to take them on with this toy.

Presently there are more Transformers to pick from in 2010, however the top best selling Transformers Toys in the list above are at the very least a great starting point if your are seeking an exceptional gift for a little - or perhaps a bit of an older - fan.

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Top Best Selling LEGO Sets 2010

The top best selling LEGO sets for 2010 are in a rather elite standing – there is such a enormous selection of sets of LEGO toys right now it could really be rather tough to count all of them! Thus the top of the list must truly be something special!

Holding that thought, here are the top three LEGO Sets in relation to level of popularity and sales:

LEGO Ultimate Building Set (for 4 to 12 year old kids) – I was really happy to see this choice at the top of the list due to the fact it is most likely the set that entices the most creativity in kids. It is extensive, with more than 400 blocks of different types and colors, as well as a mini figure and building plate. If a child (who likes LEGOs) does not already have this, it is really an excellent choice as a gift - truly one of the best LEGO sets ever.

LEGO Toy Story Woody and Buzz Rescue Set (for kids age 6 and older) – Considering the new release of the Toy Story 3 movie, it is not overly surprising that we would see this set toward the top of the most popular LEGO sets for this year. However, the set is actually based on a scene in the first Toy Story movie where Woody and Buzz are riding RC to try and catch up to a moving van, and to their owner, Andy. This is an extremely cute LEGO kit, complete with unique pieces to put together “RC” as well as a Buzz Lightyear and a Woody figure.

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader TIE fighter set (for kids age 7 to 12) – This is a must have for any LEGO Star Wars enthusiast with an impressive amount of detailing for Darth Vader’s ship, the TIE fighter. It is based on the very first Star Wars movie, and is a classic set to own – even for adults! Truly this set is deserving of being among the top of the list – although it could be said that it is “just one of many” LEGO Star Wars sets, it stands apart as one of the most creative and unique LEGO sets available.

You can find most certainly additional picks among the top best selling LEGO sets 2010, the above are simply the very top notch of a huge long checklist. Additional sought after sets in 2010 consist of variations for children that are toddler age and yet others are for older age groups with higher levels of difficulty.

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Top Best Selling Ride On Toys for Boys 2010

(Information based on the list of the Top 10 Ride On Toys for Boys this year.)  In the listing of the Top Best Selling Ride On Toys for Boys in 2010 are some great choices intended for especially little boys, primarily boys who are close to toddler age an on up to six years of age. This particular collection comprises the best selling, rather than utilizing a different rating system, yet tend to be also the most highly ranked on average, with the largest number of buyer reviews.

For those who are either surfing around or shopping, here is a list of a few of the best ride ons for little boys this year:

Little Tikes Boys Push and Ride Racer – For Boys 1 to 3 Years of age: This ride on toy was definitely designed and created with toddler age children in mind. It may serve as both a simple yet well designed ride on toy, and a push toy for children who need a little extra support when learning how to walk. This toy has been around for some years now, and it has been a sort of “staple” among classic best sellers for this age range.

Radio Flyer Retro Rocket Ride On Toy – For Boys 10 Months to 2 Years of age: This toy is just as “cool looking” as it is functional and fun. It is a fire engine red color with a distinct retro look about it. The small devices and sounds for this specific toy help it become all the more appealing for very little boys.

The Chicco Play and Ride Train for Boys – For Boys 1 to 3 Years old: For little boys who love trains, this is a great pick in ride on toys. Similar to the “Push and Ride Racer” from Little Tikes, this toy is functional as both a ride on and an assistant in mastering walking skills. On the train itself there are a number of fun gadgets to play with to keep little boys entertained.

The Fisher-Price Power Wheels Lil Quad – For Boys 1 to 3 Years: This is the first toy on the list that's battery powered, and between its various models is most definitely one of the best selling ride on toys for boys. It can be found in a standard version, a “Batman” version, a “Diego” version – and a new Toy Story 3 version as well. One may hesitate to buy an electric powered car for boys at such a young age, but this little vehicle is definitely designed to be safe even at around a year old.

Peg Perego John Deere Front Loader Ride On – For Boys 2 to 6 Years old: This ride on toy for boys is “pedal powered” and is one of the more entertaining toys for little boys – especially for those who have a strong interest in machines or other types of equipment. It has a front loader mechanism that can be used to pick up objects or dirt, then move to another spot and dump the load being carried. (Just as a note, one might want to guard the flower beds if this toy is around!)

The selection above of the Top Best Selling Ride On Toys for Boys 2010 – and chances are you have noticed – definitely falls within the category of a very young group, the oldest suggested age as 6 years old. There are a few other great ride on toys for boys to pick from and can include other age ranges as well - to look for visit the Top 10 Ride on Toys for Boys 2010 at Parenting and Kids on Squidoo. 

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Top Best Selling Girls Ride On Toys 2010

Whether someone is seeking tricycle, a scooter or perhaps a simpler ride on toy for the rather young girls, just one from the Top Best Selling Girls Ride On Toys this year might be a great choice. This category of toys range in age all the way from nine months to about five years of age.

Below are the best girls ride on toys according to shopper reputation:

Radio Flyer My First Scooter in Pink for Girls – for young girls age range 2 to 5 years: This really is what it would seem, a good starting scooter for little girls. It features a broad base for easier standing and two front wheels for far better balancing control.

The Little Tikes Pink Princess Cozy Coupe – for girls ages 18 months to 5 years: This is founded on a timeless toy that children have loved for a long time. It is actually a kid powered car with a driver’s side door that opens and closes and a space for favorite little toys in the back end area.

Classic Dual Deck Girls Tricycle from Radio Flyer – for girls ages 2 to 5 years: If someone is not certain of any toy that would be a success with a little girl and is not sure what to buy, this would be the one. It truly is a classic tricycle with chrome detailing and an adjustable seat to make it a good size for riding anywhere from toddler all the way up to five years.

Girls Steer and Stroll Tricycle from Radio Flyer – for girls ages 2 to 5 years: If looking for a tricycle that is for a toddler that is a newcomer to this activity, this is an excellent choice. The handle behind the trike enables mom or dad to help the little one steer and help get toddlers used to riding a tricycle. After a time the handle can be removed and the trike can even be used for older kids up to five years.

Push and Ride Toy for Girls from Little Tikes – for girls 9 months to 2 years of age: Whoever designed this ride on toy for girls had a great idea – a toy that acts as a walker to help little ones learn to walk as well as a ride on toy. It is easy to get on and off for riding, and there is even a cute little seat behind the “driver” for a favorite doll to come along for the ride.

Most or perhaps every one of the Top Best Selling Girls Ride On Toys from the collection above can be found online cheaper in comparison with retail price, sometimes even along with no cost shipping. To get more details regarding shopping discounts or to find a bigger selection, visit:


Top Best Selling Electric Kids Cars 2010

Electric powered ride on kids cars are among the best and most enjoyable play activities for the kids these days – and among the top best selling electric kids cars 2010, you will discover genuinely some exceptional and innovative ones available!

Primarily based on the set of the Top 10 Electric Cars for Kids, listed below are the particular best selling favorites for the year of 2010:

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Jeep Rubicon – This is a contemporary looking Jeep only for children, and will seat 2 for fun and play. With wide tread tires along with a 12v battery, this vehicle is definitely one of the more versatile in terms of ability to run around in grassy areas or on dirt tracks. Recommended Age is for kids 3 to 7 years.

Fisher-Price Jeep Rubicon – Again a very stylish car that comes in both a cool red and also a pink variation for young girls. It has a 12V battery, as well as music coming out of the (pretend) radio! Recommended for kids 3 to 5 years of age, and will seat two children.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford F-150 Pickup – Here is a great toy for young boys who like their toys to be “boy style”. It is available in both single and double seated versions (the double is priced higher), with rugged wide tires and lift up hood to reveal a real looking engine. Recommended ages for these trucks is 2 to 4 years for the single seat, 3 to 5 years for the double.

Fisher-Price Barbie Jammin' Jeep – This is quite a toy, and is certainly a fun “get around” vehicle that little ladies will love. It has music playing from a pretend radio, a choice of two speeds and a reverse gear. The recommended age for this kids electric car is 3 to 5 years.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Cadillac Escalade – Here is a luxury SUV version of an electric car for kids, and is it ever a great toy! It will seat two children and is available in either a sleek looking black or a Barbie Pink version for girls. The recommended age for this toy is 3 to 10 years.

You would possibly discover that all the most popular, top best selling electric kids cars include one factor in common – they are created by Fisher-Price. And – while this is not any accident, you will find definitely more cars to choose from for the kids – even styles such as Ferrari cars and Mini Coopers. They are all worth taking a look at – to learn more visit these recommended resources:


Top Best Selling Wagons for Kids 2010

(From the Top 10 Wagons for Kids 2010.)  The Top Best Selling Wagons for Kids 2010 are quite a lineup, and are a fun combination of the “classic little red wagon” along with some features that some families these days would call “must haves”. Whether someone is shopping for a wagon for simply playtime fun or looking for something to take kids along on all day excursions to the zoo, there is sure to be one among the lineup to work perfectly.

With that in mind (from the set of the top ten wagons for kids this season), here are the 5 top selling for the year 2010:

Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon – This is quite simply one of the best wagons for kids around. It not only serves as a fun wagon for kids to use for their “cargo”, but is an excellent solution for taking kids to amusement parks, the zoo and basically any fun activity that requires quite a bit of walking time. The wagon bottom can fold up and down to create a perfect ride-in wagon, or can fold back down again for different uses.

Radio Flyer All Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon – This wagon is basically a classic red wagon from Radio Flyer, but with the difference of the removable wood siding. This siding rises several inches above the original, making it possibly to cart around large quantities of items or heavier toys. It also provides a nice, smooth ride with the all terrain wheels.

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon – Here is a great toy for the littler of those among us, serving as not only a small child’s wagon, but a “learning to walk” helper for toddler age kids. This wagon is an award winner, and rightly so!

The Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort – This wagon is another good choice for family outings. It features an easily removable canopy to protect kids from the sun, padded seats and is easy to manage and maneuver. Kids can also get buckled in to ride more safely.

Radio Flyer All Terrain Cargo Wagon – This wagon is similar in basic design to the All Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon, but with the main difference that the base of the wagon is made from wood rather than steel. This is a great wagon for kids who like to cart around large numbers of items at playtime, and makes a good wagon for little ones to ride in as well.

The listing previously mentioned regarding the 5 best wagons for the kids 2010 are a great variety, and most likely no matter what the particular needs might be for consumers one of the above would likely fit nicely. They are all made from the top toy wagon company for children (Radio Flyer) so you recognize when you invest in it, you will get a good product. There are definitely more well-liked wagons for kids in 2010, and if one would want to search further I recommend visiting the Top 10 Wagons for Kids 2010 page on Squidoo . This page can supply buyers with an excellent glimpse at just what is available, which merchant offers them and for what cost online.

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Top Best Selling Baby Travel Systems 2010

(Information based on the top 10 baby travel systems for 2010.)  The Top Best Selling Baby Travel Systems 2010 have become quite popular with parents because of the ease of use and quite amazing attributes. For those moms and dads who like to have their own kids on the go, these baby stroller and car seat combinations have gone from being an extravagance to pretty much a "must have".

For all those purchasing a baby stroller travel system this season, here are 5 stroller systems to give a check to:

Chicco Cortina KeyFit Travel System
- This particular stroller system is also among one of the most preferred of baby strollers - at all. It has an average of quite high end user ratings and it has some exceptional features such as a a memory on the position of the last recline for baby so it can simply be found again. The KeyFit 30 car seat will safely accommodate a baby up to 30 pounds, which is quite a bit higher in terms of weight allowed for the average car seat. Retail price for the KeyFit runs around $330 - $350 (depending on the exact model chosen), but is available online from some merchants for as low as about $300 or less.

Graco Quattro Tour System - Again, this stroller by itself is among one of the hottest selling all-around. It is included with the famous Graco SnugRide car seat which is so well known as being a favorite among parents. The baby stroller for this system will accommodate a little one up to 50 pounds. Retail price for the Quattro Tour Travel System is around $270 - $280 and is available from some top merchants for a markdown price online.

Graco Alano Flip It System - The single characteristic that stands out the most for this stroller travel system is the fact that it allows for reversing the child's position within the stroller, which makes it easy for a baby to face forward or back toward parents. This feature in itself is becoming more and more popular with parents since it makes it much easier to keep an eye on little ones, especially those infant age. Retail price for the Flip It system is around $200 and can at times be found online for a lower price.

Switch Travel System from Peg Perego - Just like the Alano "Flip It", the Switch Travel System from Peg Perego allows for reversing the position of babies while having a stroll. What's more, it comes in some gorgeous rich colors and is quite stylish! The Peg Perego name generally speaking is known not only for exceptional safety but also for significant comfort and style while taking walks with little ones. Full price for the Switch System from Peg Perego is around $670, but most definitely can be found for a lower price - sometimes more than $100 less.

Graco Alano System - Differentiated from the "Flip It", this system still bears the name "Alano" and comes complete with the famous SnugRide car seat that will accommodate a baby up to 22 pounds, and the much loved Alano stroller. Full retail price for this system is around $210 and again it can rather easily be found for less from some merchants online.

Those of you that will definitely be shopping for great baby products that include all the features nearly all moms, dads and little ones require, just one of the top best selling baby travel systems - from the top 10 baby travel systems this year - make the perfect place to check over first, and normally one doesn't have to pay too much to get one.

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Top Best Selling Portable DVD Players for 2010

(Info from the list of the top 10 portable dvd players this year.)  There are quite a remarkable array of features with the best selling Portable DVD Players this year in addition to some really superior testimonials generally - and to top it off there are some of them that may be bought on even the most limited of budgets. When investing in a portable DVD player one more thing to keep in mind is the idea that many of them can easily play other types of digital media, perhaps making them multi-purpose gadgets and conserving a little bit of cash with regard to purchases for CD or MP3 players as well as electronic photograph viewers.

Here is a set of the very best selling as well as nicely rated portable DVD player products for 2010:

DVP FX930 from Sony
- This DVD Player comes in first on the list of the top 10 portable dvd players this year, and supplies a high resolution 9 inch screen which will swivel for additional convenience when needed. This model from Sony is receiving overall some extremely nice reviews and can be found in multiple colors. Retail price for the DVP FX930 is around $190, but can be found quite often for around $140 and sometimes less.

The Coby TFDVD 7008b Portable DVD Player - Here is one of the DVD players out there with a bit of a scaled-down screen (7 "), but also one of the most inexpensive versions that one could buy without having to sacrifice quality. It is extremely transportable rendering it simple to travel with. The list price for this player is about $125 but has been found online for for less money, sometimes around $60.

The Philips PET741/37 DVD Player - This DVD player comes with a 7 " wide format screen and built in stereo sound system. It's also known because of its level of quality and it has a fun and stylish look. This model is sometimes bought for approximately $80 with a list or full price of close to $90.

PET7402/37 from Philips - Similar to the Philips DVD model outlined above, but this DVD player comes complete with dual screens and is known as extremely easy to install in cars for passenger entertainment. For a dual screen player, this model from Philips could be considered to be reasonably priced at around $130 and can be found online for around $99 or less.

The Panasonic DVD-LS86 Portable DVD Player - This DVD player is getting some real raves and has some excellent features including an 8 ½ inch wide format screen, an excellent selection of media play options and boasts up to 13 hours of play time on a single charge. Retail price on this player is around $190 and also can be found online for a lower price.

Altogether, there are some remarkable selections in portable DVD players nowadays, and with the levels of competition and technology which has developed, an excellent quality player can be purchased for a less expensive cost.

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Top Best Selling Internet Tablets for 2010

It would appear that technological innovation is truly moving at a faster pace than ever nowadays, evidenced with the listing of the Top 5 Internet Tablets for this year (reference top 10 internet tablets 2010). In 2010 there are a few fine options available with these kinds of products, and in the not too far-away future I am certain that you will see more choice when it comes to brand names and picks of capabilities.

This is a listing of the very best selling internet tablets for this year:

The Archos 7 8 GB Internet Tablet - This tablet from Archos does not necessarily seem to be loaded with as many bells and whistles as some of the others on the list, and has less memory in comparison with most on the market these days. However for those who need only that amount of space (or less) and are looking to spend a bit less than they would for other models, this one could be a great choice. The Archos 7 retails for around $200 and there are not many markdowns from this price available - but I recently found it at auction for quite a bit less.

iPAQ 111 Internet Tablet from HP - This internet tablet comes with a 3 ½ " screen, and it has Windows Mobile 6 operating system. For someone who frequently uses Microsoft products, this one should be a good option due to the software available which will help keep someone organized and provide plenty of business benefits. The list price for this device is around $330 but can often be found for about $280 and perhaps less on occasion.

The Archos 5 250 GB Internet Tablet
- With the next in line in terms of sales popularity for the top 10 internet tablets this year - here is one from Archos.  This device includes a great deal more space having 250 GB in addition to a clear and sharp 4 ½ inch touchscreen. If someone is looking for lots of hard drive for use and also likes fast browsing online, this tablet might be a great choice. Full price for this Archos 5 model is around $450 but has recently (as of this writing) been available for around $300 at some online merchant resources.

Personal Internet Viewer from Sony
- This model of internet tablet is less portable than the rest on the list but definitely has some nice features. This one might be a good choice if one is planning to use it mostly from home or from use in the office. The full price for this tablet is around $200, and at least as of this writing it appears that this is also the purchase price that one should expect to pay - not many markdowns can be found on this one, if at all.

The Archos 5 500 GB Internet Tablet - Here is the third on the list of popular internet tablets from Archos, and has enough memory for just about anyone to load everything they own when it comes to media files. The retail price on this model from the Archos company is around $500, but it can be found for around $100 less from some merchant listings.

If ever seeking a great gift idea for a computer gadget fan, or perhaps somebody that really needs their world wide web to be on the move for business or perhaps other purposes, one from the 5 top selling internet tablets above ought to at the least provide a good starting point of what to consider, and one could be an ideal pick.

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