AT&T Phones For 2013

Each year, cellular manufacturers try to one-up the competition with innovative gadgets that trump their previous technological models. Those innovations are usually either too complex to an extreme or not complex enough; fortunately, the AT&T phones 2013 are getting it "just right." From QWERTY keyboards to tap & send touch screens, there's a little something for everyone on the short 'best' list below.


Apple iPhone 4 8GB AT&T Phone

It seems that most Apple customers will jump at the chance for a new phone as soon as a modified version is made. However, in my opinion, the iPhone 4 is still a great device that surpasses some of the unfixed features of the iPhone 5 that was recently released. The sleek design is easily transportable with a 5.0 MP digital camera, WiFi video calling, multi-tasking screens for numerous apps, and a built-in LED flash for video/picture perfection. There's abundant voice and tone control also, with 7 hours or more of talk time per battery charge.


Sony Xperia Ion TL 4G AT&T Phone

For the photographer in all of us, this phone is equipped with a 12MP 1080p HD camera for premium, professional-grade photos and video. The 4.6 HD screen offer a crisper picture with a conveniently harmonized touch screen with app line-ups and a large LED face. A port at the top allows you to stream videos from the phone to a big screen HD TV, via HDMI cord. It's also lightweight with 10 hours of talk time per battery charge and the ability to download Playstation game applications directly to your cellular chip.


Samsung Galaxy S III 4G Android AT&T Phone

This device is perfect for on-the-go students! Everything you need to get started is included in the package (phone, battery, charger, USB cable, and guide). A super-speedy WiFi networking allows for quick streams of important audio, video, or web content. Which means those last minute study sessions for that big mid-term is completely plausible, possible, and more convenient.


T-Mobile Phones For 2013

The new line of T-Mobile phones 2013 need little introduction. As a matter of fact, I've chosen to tell you as little as possible in the introductory paragraph, wishing instead for you to make your own decisions based on the awesomeness of each innovative T-Mobile design. You'll likely discover several concepts in these phones that you've never thought of or always wished you had in your old cellular gadgets. Without further ado...


HTC Amaze 4G Android T-Mobile Phone

I've personally dubbed this phone the "photographer's BFF." The original namesake for this cell is called "Amaze" and that's exactly the feeling that's evoked when someone takes a picture for the first time. The HTC has one of the most advanced cameras there is, complete with 8MP and Full HD 1080p video. In less technical talk, this means pictures will be clearer, better quality, and all around as fantastic to view as they were to photograph. This phone is also equipped with classic features like texting, calling, and all the essentials that make a cellular device.


Blackberry Bold 9780 T-Mobile Phone

Blackberries are the sweetest! Aside from my play on words, this cell is anticipated as awesome by texting fanatics everywhere. While there are usual features like call-waiting, WiFi networking, and thousands of apps, this phone is made the most unique by a high-tactile, fully-functional QWERTY keyboard for quick finger-tapping. Each letter has an individual key that it shares with a symbol or a number, and the entire keyboard process is super-easy to learn and use.


HTC Radar 4G Windows T-Mobile Phone

This cell would be on level with a business person or a constant multi-tasker who wants to keep organized. The phone can only be described as graceful and sleek with an aluminum unibody and a system powered by Windows 7.5 OS. You can move back and forth with a slide touch-screen from one app to the next in rapid succession. Or chill with Zune-powered music and a quick XBox LIVE game.


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AT&T Phones For Multi-Taskers

Life is hectic! It's a well-known fact, and sometimes it's a daunting task just to keep organized. Which is why I've compiled a short list of the best AT&T phones for the constant multi-tasker. Each of the following cellphones will help busy bodies keep the important details of their everyday coordinated and catalogued. Without further ado, I present to you the comfort, convenience, and coolness of a harmonized life through the power of awesome cellular devices.


Apple iPhone 5 16GB AT&T Phone

Apple seems to come out with a new and better iPhone on a yearly basis, but this is by far their best yet. With a larger screen and a lighter weight, this manufacturer is taking eye-sight and transport into consideration. The extrerior has also be made tougher to withstand the drops and "oopsies" of a typical cellphone user. Apps are lined up and organized on a touch-screen for easy tap and send services with WiFi networking and a clear picture quality. There are also premium built-in speakers with a MP3 streamer and unbelievably quick LTE capabilities.


LG Expression AT&T Phone

Simple and stylish, this phone doesn't have the outward appearance of extravagance like iPhones would have. However, the function is classic with a sleek design and a colorful case. The screen is 3-inches of medium-sized front with a full QWERTY keyboard for quick emails, optimum note-taking, and all-day texting. The phone is also equipped with the original multi-tasking tools, such as synched apps, a customizable touch screen, and premium GPS navigation.


Pantech Renue AT&T Phone

This is my personal favorite! Reminiscent of a traditional Blackberry, the Pantech features a touch screen with a customizable feature for app organization. The slide-out QWERTY keyboard is highly-tactile and sensitive for immediate messaging with seamless transition from letters to numbers and symbols. The best part is the Power Saver battery that uses less energy; therefore, your cell service will last longer than the average 16 hours.

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The Best Tablets For Bookworms

As a writer, it's always been my view that ink and paper would good enough for our ancestors, so they should be good enough for me. That was until I was ensnared and held captive by the idea of technology. It's done so much for the literary world, making books that were originally banned or unrestorable available through different methods. It didn't take long for me to explore, research, discover, and record the results from some of the best internet tablets on the market for 2013. Some are highly anticipated to the point of being elusive, but all are guaranteed to be heaven sent for the bookworms and literature geeks like me.

So far, my favorites are:


Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 Inch Internet Tablet (shown in top-left photo)

These Amazon products were the most anticipated of late last year and 2013 has found them to be flourishing in popularity. There are several versions, but this one is especially great because it offers a clearer picture, faster processing, and a multitude of unsurpassed book-worthy space, all on a portable HD screen. If that's not impressive enough, when reading an ebook, the touch screen is very responsive with anti-glare technology that makes you feel like you're reading a real page-by-page book. It's a bonus for being eco-friendly as this means no trees were harmed in the making of the story!


Apple iPad Mini 7.9 Inch Internet Tablet

I like to refer to this as the miniature e-book reader of the transportation generation. As a society, we're always on the go! These little iPads pack a powerful punch of 16GB memory, Wi-Fi, and a high-resolution 10-inch screen to make long subway rides a little more tolerable. The LED backlit touch screen is perfect for "flipping" pages, while these are available in a wider range of cool colors for the funkier, more colorfully savvy bookworm personalities among us.


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