AT&T Phones For Multi-Taskers

Life is hectic! It's a well-known fact, and sometimes it's a daunting task just to keep organized. Which is why I've compiled a short list of the best AT&T phones for the constant multi-tasker. Each of the following cellphones will help busy bodies keep the important details of their everyday coordinated and catalogued. Without further ado, I present to you the comfort, convenience, and coolness of a harmonized life through the power of awesome cellular devices.


Apple iPhone 5 16GB AT&T Phone

Apple seems to come out with a new and better iPhone on a yearly basis, but this is by far their best yet. With a larger screen and a lighter weight, this manufacturer is taking eye-sight and transport into consideration. The extrerior has also be made tougher to withstand the drops and "oopsies" of a typical cellphone user. Apps are lined up and organized on a touch-screen for easy tap and send services with WiFi networking and a clear picture quality. There are also premium built-in speakers with a MP3 streamer and unbelievably quick LTE capabilities.


LG Expression AT&T Phone

Simple and stylish, this phone doesn't have the outward appearance of extravagance like iPhones would have. However, the function is classic with a sleek design and a colorful case. The screen is 3-inches of medium-sized front with a full QWERTY keyboard for quick emails, optimum note-taking, and all-day texting. The phone is also equipped with the original multi-tasking tools, such as synched apps, a customizable touch screen, and premium GPS navigation.


Pantech Renue AT&T Phone

This is my personal favorite! Reminiscent of a traditional Blackberry, the Pantech features a touch screen with a customizable feature for app organization. The slide-out QWERTY keyboard is highly-tactile and sensitive for immediate messaging with seamless transition from letters to numbers and symbols. The best part is the Power Saver battery that uses less energy; therefore, your cell service will last longer than the average 16 hours.

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