Top Best Selling AT&T Phones 2010

A single interesting point about the top best selling AT&T phones for 2010 is the price difference between a cell phone with and without a service program. Obviously, you will pay much less for the cell phone itself with a service plan - but fortunately, the replacement mobile phones can be purchased for a fairly good deal as well.

From the list of the top 10 AT&T phones in 2010, here are the best 3 choices according to shopper popularity:

HTC Aria Android Phone for AT&T – This is apparently the hottest selling phone for AT&T so far this year. The features are rather amazing but the highlights include the Android operating system (which is pretty amazing in itself), an extremely fast connection and a built in GPS system to help find one’s way around. The retail price for this phone without service runs around $500, but it can be found (even without service) for quite a bit less, and there are some dealers that will set consumers up with a free phone along with a service plan.

Samsung Captivate Android Phone for AT&T – Another phone with a Google Android operating system comes in toward the top of the list this year (Starting to see a trend forming here?). The Samsung Captivate has a large number of features but the key ones include the connection speed and a fast Wi-Fi connection to the web. This particular phone is known for its fast processor as well, making it a great phone for extra fast gaming and other activities.

Blackberry Bold 9700 AT&T Phone – This is one of three Blackberry phones on the “top 10 list” this year. This phone is known for its excellent voice connections, even globally. It also has a much loved GPS navigation system that can be quite helpful and is known to be quite reliable. If someone is looking for an extremely reliable phone that has already proven itself in terms of numbers of rankings and rave reviews, this model might be a good choice.

Of course you will discover quite a few additional choices among the best AT&T phones for 2010 (and the variety of cell phones for AT&T keeps increasing) – from brands such as Motorola, Palm and LG, it isn't tough to be quite picky about the features a person would really love. With regards to shopping, there are also some excellent bargains offered – many of the hot selling cell phones this year have “unlocked” versions, making them designed for various carrier's networks.

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