Top Best Selling Toy Boxes for Kids 2010

When I consider the various qualities and features of the top best selling toy boxes for kids in 2010, I can say that I definitely go along with the consumers who appear to love them - these are some of the most useful toy boxes for kids available and so are excellent choices for kids to make use of for tidying up their room easily.

For this current year, here are the top three children's toy boxes by popular demand:

Giant Toy Chest for Kids from Little Tikes – The name says everything. This durable plastic toy box is big enough to keep numerous items from a child’s toy collection being 39 inches long, 23 inches wide and almost 22 inches high. With a rectangular general shape, this toy box should snug nicely into the corner of a little one's room. It's available with either a pink lid for girls or a blue lid for boys. Although this toy box is not what I would at all call “fancy” it is still cute and is very practical.

Tot Tutors Toy Organizing Bins – I speak from experience when I say this specific toy organizer is possibly the best invention since sliced bread! It includes four shelves (each “shelf” made from dual horizontal posts), with three bins that fit along each level for a total of twelve bins. Not only is this an excellent tool for helping keep things tidied up, but is also a good way to help get kids used to the concept of separating different types of objects into their own groups by using it.

Step2 “Tool Chest” Toy Box – This toy box or organizer is more particular to young boys, having a racing theme with a sleek color and racing decals on the exterior. It has four doors for the front that open to allow access to two shelves with a good deal of space, and even though it’s outer appearance is much like a dresser, its design appears to be more practical for the purpose of keeping toys and other personal objects tidied up and safe. If in search of a toy box or some form of organizational bedroom accessories for a young boy who loves autos and racing, this would probably be a great alternative.

Aside from the best toy boxes for kids this year listed above, you will find additional choices along these lines for either boys or girls, and according to a person's needs could possibly be more suitable options. However, I will point out that the three in the list above – in my own opinion as a parent – are wonderful choices for kids.


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