Samsung Gusto 2 Phone - The Prepaid Patron

The best Verizon phones are expected to grant choice to their patrons because not everyone is comfortable with a long-term contract or cellular plan. This is where the Samsung Gusto 2 Phone comes in; a sleek no-nonsense cell with all the capabilities of a contracted phone (without the extra price).

How might this phone be best suited for me?

The usual contracts will have options for limitless texting or calling on the weekends. Or perhaps there will be an option to take care of a 2 year bill in one lump sum, supposedly saving money in the long run. These are all great and fine for teenagers or people who are forever on their phones. For others, some of those features can be a waste; therefore, it’s important for some phones to be both technologically enhanced and prepaid for limited users.

The Gusto is equipped with the usual features that make a cellphone beneficial – such as calling (of course!), texting (on a classic 3-touch keyboard), and photo-taking (with the mini 1.3 megapixel camera). Albeit, these features have been enhanced with simpler applications (calculator, notepad, alarm clock) and more complex benefits – such as the Driving Mode; an action that your phone takes when you’re driving. It automatically switches to a higher ringtone and reads the contact information of each caller out-loud, so you can keep your eyes to the highway.

Granted, some Verizon phones are also only as great as their accessories. This one in particular comes with the usual set-up of power cords and chargers. However, there is also a Bluetooth capability built into each cell, making it easier to use that expensive headset. This phone is simple in a high-tech way, achieving (or even surpassing) the premium qualities of a contracted cellphone while saving you the utmost amount of money each month.

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