The Best And Simplest Sprint Phones

Every year seems to mark a new beginning for most cellphone manufacturers and their service providers. They're coming up with new products, releasing innovative concepts to the public, and hoping for good things to arise from more complex designs and multi-tasker friendly apps. However, not everyone needs something elaborate in a celluar device. We've compiled a short list of the best Sprint phones on the market today. They're simple, elegant, lightweight, and convenient -- everything a traditional cell phone should be.


Samsung Array Sprint Phone

This is one of the most non-complex phones available from Sprint because it features a traditional keyboard with a 2.4 LCD screen. It's closer to the original models that first appeared when QWERTY keyboards had first been introduced. There are two ways to text from this phone, using the aforementioned sliding QWERTY keyboard or the large number keys at the front. Sprint TV is enabled for movies, weather, news, and daily doses of sports, while the Music Store has all the downloadable favorites from the latest musicians. It's not fancy but it is high-quality!


Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G Android Sprint Phone

As we all know, Android is a key element in modern phones. This cellular device features a crisper, clearer LCD screen with touch abilities, a tap & send email service, and an abundance in downloadable applications. Video conferences, chats, multi-player games, and lined movies are delivered at unsurpassed speeds to keep you in touch with all the people in your life who matter.


LG Optimus G 4G Android Sprint Phone

This cell maintains simplicity while incorporating a slew of gadgets and apps for optimum multi-tasking. You can plan business strategies, keep up with important event dates, and write super-quick emails with the Quad Core processor and premium Near Field Communication technology. Plus, a 13MP camera with HD recording means you'll never miss a chance to make a memory.

Find the current best Sprint phones this year, based on popularity and ratings:

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