Top Best Selling Cell Phones for Verizon Fall 2011

Verizon has evolved quite a bit in regards to precisely what it can offer to consumers for mobile phones and service, which may be summarized by overlooking the best Verizon phones 2011. As technological innovation turns and turns, so do these mobile phones which makes a few of the handiest gadgets around to stay in touch with good friends, view video clips and movies, listen to music plus much more. All of this together with the current speeds that the mobile phones and service tend to be equipped for and once someone owns one of them they are able to become a must-have for everyday use.

Coming into the fall season of in 2011, from the total listing of the top 10 Verizon phones for this year, here are precisely what seem to be the 3 top choices when it comes to consumer reputation coupled with high general ratings:

Verizon HTC Thunderbolt 4G:  Do you like a mobile phone that functions at super speed? How about a cellular phone together with a display screen that makes it super easy to make use of and get around parts of the web, contacts in addition to social media? The HTC Thunderbolt 4G has all of this plus more. Being a 4th generation telephone, this cellular phone networks with Verizons speediest current technologies plus the Google Android operating system, version 2.2 This cell phone can be found to purchase either with service or without.

Verizon Samsung DROID CHARGE 4G:  Here is an additional fourth generation or 4G networking cell phone, that functions at rates of speed that could satisfy just about anybody. Together with its speedy connection and operating system you are able to hook up with the web at your preferred HotSpots and has all of the Google Mobile services you could imagine. Like the Thunderbolt 4G, this mobile phone might be bought with service from Verizon or without as a replacement mobile phone.

Verizon LG Octane:  Although this phone runs on a 3G network rather than the more sophisticated 4G, that doesn't automatically make it a less desirable choice in a mobile phone, unless your heart is actually set on the 4G data transfer rates. With a number of quite handy capabilities, this really is nevertheless known to be an exceedingly great phone having a fold out QWERTY keyboard for those texters around. Additionally it's got quite the ability to hook up with your favorite social networks and most likely all of the additional features that a user might expect.

There are obviously more choices than what exactly are given above, and perhaps one of the other options between the best cell phones for Verizon 2011 might better meet your requirements. To obtain a much better look at the whole list, check out Top 10 Verizon Phones for 2011.

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