Top Best Selling Outdoor Gas Grills 2011

The top best selling outdoor gas grills for 2011 are an great combination of larger backyard and portable versions. The complete list is comprised of grills coming from different brand names and are available in a variety of sizes, with different characteristics which give different types of functionality.

From the top 10 list of the best outdoor grills that use either natural gas or propane, here are the top favorites based on consumer popular sales:

Q 100 Portable Grill from Weber - This grill - while a good choice to take camping or anywhere on the road - is a top-knotch grill in terms of its durability and quality cooking. It has 189 square inches of cooking space and cooks with 8,500 BTUs of heat. For those who are searching for something more than "just a portable grill" this is a good choice, even though one will pay quite more for it than simpler or lower quality grill. Retail price for this pick is around $160.00.

Q 320 Portable Grill from Weber - Here is another good choice from Weber, having a similar look to the Q 100, but with quite a bit more cooking space (462 square inches) and a higher heat level (21,700 BTUs). While this grill is also a portable model, it has quite a bit more functionality and comes with a 2-wheeled cart. Retail price for this grill is around $480.00.

Road Trip LXE from Coleman - For those searching for a great grill as well as a convenient model, this might be the choice. Not only is it a high quality grill, it is portable as well - but is also collapsible, making it super easy to transport. It has 285 square inches of cooking space and cooks with 10,000 BTUs. Retail price for this grill is around $180.00.

Additional picks on the list of the top best selling outdoor gas grills 2011 are larger backyard models and even ones that are more portable than the choices listed above. However there is one thing that they all have in common -consumers appear to love them, based on both popularity statistics by sales. (Each one can additionally be purchased online for a better price than list retail - sometimes even with free shipping.

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