Top Best Selling Natural Gas Grills 2011

For those outdoor grilling lovers who happen to be looking for an excellent quality in grills, the top best selling natural gas grills 2011 are some good picks - and a good place to start looking when starting out an online search.  Included in the lineup there are just 2 names that stand out among the rest - the main brand is Weber (not a huge surprise!).

From that list of the top 10 natural gas grills for this year, here are a few picks:

Weber Genesis E-310 Natural Gas Grill - This model from Weber is not only the favored grill by that name this year, but appears to also be the hottest selling natural gas grill - period. This grill features 38,000 BTUs, 637 square inches of total cooking area , 3 stainless steel burners and a number of other features that outdoor living lovers swear by. With a retail cost of around $870, this particular model from Weber falls in the middle price range of options.

Weber Spirit E-210 Natural Gas Grill - Another Weber grill tops the list of the best natural gas grills for this year. This is a simpler model than the E-310 above, but has all of the quality one could hope for based on consumer reviews. It is known to cook very efficiently and is relatively easy and fast to put together - and while it is an excellent choice in grills for anyone, it is perhaps the best pick of the bunch for beginning grillers. Retail price for the Spirit E-210 is around $520.

Ducane Affinity 3100 Natural Gas Grill - This grill, while costing quite a bit less than some of the other comparable grills on the list is known to be excellent. It does not have a lot of the bells and whistles but for those searching for "just a great grill" it is a good choice. Total cooking area is 550 square inches with 36,000 BTUs and plenty of table space. It also has a rather sleek appearance. Retail cost for this grill is around $430.

All of the rest (excepting one) of the best natural gas grills 2011 list bears the name Weber.  Some of those picks include the Spirit E-310, Genesis S-330 and the Genesis S-310. However - it seems in terms of consumer popularity and what owners are saying in reviews, any of the choices on the list will work well, and very likely for years down the road.

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