Top Best Selling Toys for 10 Year Old Boys 2010

Every time I look into a new group of toys and games for a particular age group, I am amazed with the level of fun, creativity and technology which can be located nowadays - including the top best selling toys for 10 year old boys in 2010. Whether a young man is a LEGO enthusiast, a technology lover or really likes toys and games that offer the chance for activity there are some out there that will probably do quite nicely.

For this year, listed below are the top 3 picks among the list of toys and games for boys ten years of age:

Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch - Moms, dads, brothers and sisters had better watch out - this watch can take real videos and photographs - secretly. A rather amusing toy, and definitely a popular concept with kids this year. There are other Spy Net toys and spy gadgets from other names in kids playthings this year but this one tops them all.

Nerf N-Strike ECS Blaster - For the past couple of years, Nerf blasters have become all the rage with young men in neighborhoods all over the country. It is pretty common to find youngsters chasing each other outdoors, each with their own version of these (harmless) weapons. Now, Nerf makes one with a fully automatic clip that allows for repeated dart fire and this year is one of the hottest selling toys for kids for the holidays - that is the Stampede ECS.

The Ultimate Building Set from LEGO - This is one toy that has the appearance of being quite simple compared to others on the list this year. However, with over 400 pieces of various shapes, sizes and colors, kids have the ability to let their imaginations loose and create whatever they want. True to its name, this is definitely the ultimate in LEGO sets in terms of creativity and imagination and is undoubtedly an excellent gift for kids.

The list of the top best selling toys for 10 year old boys - although simple - includes a few fantastic selections for children in 2010. Other recommendations consist of toy tops with a few interesting twists, remote control cars the likes of which I've never found in addition to some choices for those kids who delight in lots of activity.


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