Top Best Selling Toys for 5 Year Old Boys 2010

There is one characteristic of the top best selling toys for five year old boys this year that stands apart among the rest -- they're an ideal combination of toys for this age group, while emulating "big kids" toys that draw out the imagination and accomplishments of boys who are 5 years of age or thereabouts.

From the listing of the best toys for boys age five in 2010 (according to consumer popularity), here are the very best 3 choices:
Rip Rider 360 from Razor – While this ride on toy is suitable for weights up to 160 pounds, it also apparently is a great choice for kids as young as 5 years old. It is a special ride on toy – not quite a “tricycle” by definition, but it is a 3-wheeler that has casters for back wheels to generate a sort of swerving or drifting motion while riding. As kids grow to be more skilled they are able to maneuver the Rip Rider more easily, performing stunts and actions that are not possible on other types of ride-on toys.

LeapFrog Leapster Explorer – This learning system in the LeapFrog lineup is a very good example of toys that emulate “big kid” or adult gadgets. It is a system with a touch screen and a number of features that adult handhelds also have including the ability to access online resources and read e-books. Like other learning system toys, this one comes pre-loaded with particular games and resources, with additional games available to purchase separately.

Razor A Kick Scooter for Kids – This scooter has made the “hot list” for children of varied age ranges this year and interestingly it is the original kick scooter for kids – still being the most famous after a number of years. While this scooter is generally able to accommodate kids through teen years, it is also the perfect first “big kid” scooter which is most often simple enough for children who are 5 years old.

Additional selections in the top best selling toys for 5 year old boys 2010 and into 2011 include some science and enchanting playthings, some “down and dirty” and more traditional choices (with a few very interesting twists), a few excellent electric car ride-ons as well as other categories of playthings that boys age five are sure to enjoy.

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