Top Best Selling Toys for 4 Year Old Boys 2010

An interesting point of fact for 2010 is that over fifty percent of the complete list of the top best selling toys for 4 year old boys come with some sort of advanced technology. Although there are most definitely toys that satisfy the preferences of just about any boy - even popular toy vehicles and plush toys have some kind of intriguing technological twist about them.

From that listing, listed below are the top 3 selections in toys for boys 4 years of age this year:

Fisher Price Imaginext Bigfoot – This toy for boys and girls alike is quite a creature. He is a remote control Bigfoot character with an adorable combination of gruff and sweet. Some of the tricks he performs are quite interesting, and some of the things that he says are both cute and funny.

Leapster Explorer Learning System from LeapFrog – This is the latest in learning toys for children from LeapFrog, which features not only a number of different and fun ways for kids to learn, but has a number of subjects that go beyond simply reading and mathematics. Kids also have the option of learning games provided in a safe and fun environment online.

Playskool Alphie – Here is another technology toy for boys (and girls) with a different approach than a handheld learning system. It is Alphie, a stand-up robot with flashing lights and a cute face having a goofy little grin. This toy provides a good introduction to basic learning concepts such as letters, shapes, numbers, cause and effect and problem solving. Alphie comes with a group of double-sided cards, and “booster” sets of cards can be purchased separately.

You can definitely find other forms of playthings to select from amid the top best selling toys for four year old boys for 2010, such as some toys which involve a higher degree of physical exercise including beginner child scooters and bikes, a cute new Thomas the Train toy and additional selections which are certain to be popular with small boys of this age.

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