Top Best Selling Toys for Boys 2010

The top best selling toys for boys 2010 are a delightful combination of the most recent technological innovation, ride-ons that are a great time along with other forms of toys for young lads of virtually any taste.

In this year and into 2011, here are the 3 best toys for boys:

Bigfoot the Monster – This toy, based on information from several top toy merchants, appears to be the hottest toy for boys and girls this year. This little guy expresses multiple emotions in some rather fascinating ways. He also walks and talks and performs some cute stunts as well. Possibly the best part is the fact that even the youngest of kids can use a remote control to make Bigfoot obey their every command.

Razor Rip Rider 360 Ride On Toy – In my opinion, this is the best ride on toy for kids that has ever been invented. It is a mixture of the “retro” three wheeler from the 70’s but with an interesting twist – the familiar large back wheels have been replaced with caster wheels that create a fun gliding effect that only add to the fun of the ride.

LeapFrog Leapster Gaming System – Technology has apparently not only evolved for adults, but for kids as well. This particular toy for boys and girls alike is evidence of this fact. It would be difficult to list all of the available features of the Leapster Explorer but some of the highlights include the ability to hook up online, read eBooks, watch videos and of course play learning games. This “toy for boys” is listed among the hottest predicted selling toys for the little ladies this year as well.

The top best selling toys for boys 2010 in the above list are in fact just a sample of what exactly is available in 2010. There are other technology toys, playthings for the quite young boys, some tried and true scooters plus some activities including building of not only themed items but of the games themselves.


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