Top 5 Portable TVs - Best Choices for 2010

(Info from a list of the Top 10 Portable TVs for 2010.)  If looking for any kind of electronics item, it can be really handy to use a trustworthy list of best selling and exceptionally scored products to refer to. So - for those people who are searhing for an excellent mobile or portable LCD TV, this is a listing of the top 5 portable TVs 2010 according to top sales and high average buyer rankings:

Viore PLC7V96 - This LCD TV has a 7 inch screen and is known to have an excellent picture and great reception - also being easy to navigate and to use. The retail price for this TV is around $150, but has been available for as low as about $67.00 from a reputable resource.  Definitely a top pick of the best portable tvs out there today.

Haier HLT71
- Another LCD TV with a 7 inch screen, which has a rather sleek look about it. It features a detachable antenna and comes with a remote control, AC adaptor and a car adaptor. Retail price for the HLT71 is around $130.00, but can be found online for about $65, with free shipping.

iView 780PTV - This LCD TV has a widescreen of 7 inches. It also has a longer battery life than many, with the ability to watch for up to 2.5 hours without charging. There is a USB port and a memory card reader to fulfill a number of other functions - one of the more handy portable LCD TVs on the list. This TV has a retail price of around $130.00, but is available online for around $95.00 or less.

Viore PLC10V49 - This LCD TV has the largest screen on the list, with 10.2 inches and has a bit of a higher price tag than other "best portable tvs" on the list. It is known for its simple and easy charging, also having AV inputs, USB port and SD card slot for additional functionality. It has a retail price of about $180.00 but can be purchased for about $135 - possibly less.

Access PTV 7000 - This LCD TV has a 7 inch screen, with a couple of great features including a bonus mount for kitchen, bathroom or other area in the house and also has parental control features that are useful if the TV is being purchased for a child. The list price for this TV is around $120.00, but is available from one or more merchants for a lower price, sometimes with free shipping and very helpful service if needed.

If anyone is shopping for a portable LCD TV this year, the list of 2010 Top 5 Portable TVs are an excellent place to start, and with a little bit of guidance, one can purchase any of them for a much lower price than retail.

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