Top Best Selling Jogging Strollers 2010

(Info taken from listing of the top 10 jogging strollers for 2010.)  Increasing public attention towards jogging strollers in the last few years has sparked a movement for more and more well known companies to create them. The exact result? Luckily for many folks, this means a larger range of choices - along with reduced prices as a rule. For those who are shopping for a jogger baby stroller in 2010, listed here are the top 5 jogging strollers for the year 2010, based on consumer sales and higher general reviews:

The Joovy Zoom 360 - Although this jogging stroller is a bit more challenging to find compared to others, it would appear that it is at the least one of the most looked for jogging strollers this year. It was built to create an ultra smooth ride for a little one, and has quite a stylish look. Retail price for this stroller is around $240, but it can be purchased online for as little as $210 as of this writing.

Single and Duallie BOB Revolution - These strollers have probably become the most commonly known overall with regard to impressive level of quality and exceptional maneuverability. Both single and double ("Duallie") versions are quite popular with mom and dad, and have been for the last few years. The list price on these strollers is around $400 for a single and about $600 for a Duallie model. The prices for them can occasionally vary but generally speaking this is what shoppers should expect to pay.

Baby Jogger City Mini Strollers - These strollers (like the BOB Revolution models) are almost a "fixture" within the jogger stroller market, being well known for their superb quality and handy features. They are known well also for their light weight and easy transport. Retail price on these strollers is around $230 for a single and $400 for a double. Also like the BOB Revolution, the prices online do not vary much from retail.

The InStep Run Around - These strollers are a good buy according to the raves from buyers, and are also more inside the budget range of what many people may manage to pay. They have quite a sharp look to them as well, and can be found in some rich and beautiful colors. Retail price on the Run Around strollers is around $130 - $150 for a single, and about $220 - $240 for a double version. These strollers can be found online for quite a bit less than retail price.

Schwinn Free Wheeler Single and Double - There is more than one variation of these when it comes to design and style, yet I would mention that generally the quality that the Schwinn company has been putting into their bicycles is also applied in their creation of strollers. These are a good choice for a jogger, and price-wise they come in at a sort of "medium" price range - retailing anywhere from around $150 - $220 for a single and around $220 - $320 for a double but can be found online for a much lower price.

Shopping Info: When shopping for among the top 5 jogging strollers previously mentioned (from the top 10 jogging strollers for 2010) - or for any other baby stroller for that matter - it is best to study purchaser testimonials thoroughly to make sure that you will be buying something to fill your special personal preferences. When it comes to shopping resources I definitely recommend buying on the web - the selection is far greater and you'll in all likelihood discover that price tags tend to be more affordable as well (frequently with free shipping).

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