Top Best Selling Play Tents for Kids 2011

While some other categories of children's toys quite often have numbers of brand names associated with them, concerning the top best selling play tents for kids 2011 there is one company that is different among the others - Pacific. While exploring this particular class of playthings for little ones, these most surely have stood out among other brands for being faves of kids as well as their moms and dads.

While this is a fact, some of the best selling tents for kids this year are more well-liked and well thought of than others - here are the top 5 choices depending on consumer popularity and above average rankings:

Pacific One Touch Play Tents: As one might guess with the name, these play tents are very easily put in place and broken down for storing. There are a few different variations of these play tents but all have a similar standard style. The differing kinds I discovered available include the One Touch Cabana (apparently the most popular), the Pastel version and the Beach Tent.

Pacific Safari Play Tent and Tunnel: An additional good pick from Pacific, this specific version features a safari jungle theme and comes with a climb-through tube that can either be used with the tent or without it. A slight variation for this play tent is the African Adventure Tent and Tunnel from the same brand.

Pacific Little Nursery Tents: Specifically designed for babies anywhere from about 6 months to two years of age, these seem to be the most popular kids play tents of all in 2011. These are great for providing shaded areas and offer a comfortable space for babies to relax and play.

Fairy Princess Castle Play Tents for Kids: In this particular group of children's tents, one particular brand just isn't being mentioned because of the fact that it seems that Fairy Princess play tents are all very popular. There are some with Disney Fairy designs yet others with a far more common fairy theme, yet all are cute and a nice gift idea for a young lady that enjoys this type of playing.

Pacific Me Too Play Tent: This kids' tent is made of materials in primary colors and is meant to be a good selection for outdoor or household play. The point which appears to stand out the most about this specific tent is it was designed to be combined with other sorts of tents and play tunnels by Pacific.

Additional selections amid the top best selling play tents for kids 2011 include additional fun options from Pacific Play Tents and another which little ladies will likely enjoy from the Disney selection.

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