Top Best Selling Wooden Swing Sets 2011

Whether or not somebody is searching for a scaled-down and economical swing and play set for kids, or for something a great deal more sophisticated with a lot more features, there's likely one amongst the top best selling wooden swing sets 2011 that would work.

In this year, the following are the top 5 picks in wooden swing sets for children, based upon consumer following:

Swing-N-Slide Chesapeake Swingset: This definitely seems to be the very best selling wooden swing and play set for children this year. Loads of benefits are included including the swings, rings, climbing wall, monkey bars, slipper slide and the upper play deck.

Andorra Wooden Swing Set: Although this pick among the list offers fewer benefits compared to others, it's a good choice for smaller back yards and it is more affordable as well. It is still regarded as a great top quality set, and it has two swings, a slide, play deck and a lower sand box.

Carolina Wooden Set: This specific play set for kids is quite sophisticated. It includes a couple of swings, an acrobatic swing, slide, rock climbing wall, tic-tac-toe stand plus a sandbox. This set is 20 feet long, making it a great choice for larger sized back yard spaces.

Sierra Wooden Swing Set: This is an additional alternative on the list that features a smaller sized sizing, but has lots of characteristics including not only a belt swing and slipper slide, but also a climbing wall, sandbox, acrobat swing and covered play deck. One thing which stands apart relating to this specific set is a chimney on top, incorporating a fun and homey look to it.

Meadowvale Wooden Swing Set: This is another wonderful set with plenty of benefits such as two belt swings, an acrobat swing, protected play deck, slipper slide and a ground level sandbox. One attribute this one provides which sets it apart is a cargo rope ladder for kids to climb.

Additional choices on the collection of the top best selling wooden swing sets 2011 consist of ones that are a lot more fancy, and an additional great choice for small back yards. One factor that they all have in common is often a reduced price tag when purchased online - there's a couple of options where they are able to usually be purchased for at a minimum one hundred dollars less than list price.

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